ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is characterized by challenges with:

*Hyperactivity is in not present in ADD. Symptoms are often overlooked due to the lack of observable behaviors being displayed.


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is characterized by:


A Neurobiological disorder characterized by:

* Research has shown ABA as a method that promote improvement in cognitive performance, language skills, adaptive behavior and educational functioning leading to positive changes in quality of life. Studies suggest that with early intervention children have a greater chance of integrating into school while maintening independence.


More than 1 in 100 children have a form of special needs.

Adaptive behaviors can be taught through the use of positive reinforcement strategies.

*ABA Therapy has been shown to improve cognitive performance in children with Autism and with other developmental delays.

Early intervention is the key to success!

Cognitive Skills:

Delays in the ability to acquire new skills interfere with a child’s ability to keep up with their peers. Efficient underlying learning skills allow for children to reach their full potential.

Language Delays:

Many children have forms of receptive and expressive language delays.

Speech pathologists help children to acquire the necessary tools to attain receptive and expressive language skills. At Le Parapluie Bleu, language delays are assessed and targets are worked on using an ABA approach, which makes use of positive reinforcement strategies.