physiotherapy is a treatment method that focuses on the latest evidence-based and natural physical approaches to help people reduce pain while also promoting, maintaining, and restoring wellbeing. Physiotherapists (PTs) are doing something different every day, depending on what patients they work with and if they have a specialty. A PT may have to assess the physical condition of a patient to diagnose problems and implement a treatment plan. PT’s use different strategies to treat patients.

Mireille Hakim-Algharib has been an ABA therapist since 2014. During this time she completed a Masters degree in Physiotherapy. Ms. Hakim has been working as both a physiotherapist in the private sector as well as keeping her Senior ABA position at Le Parapluie Bleu.

Mireille has experience in orthopedics, neurology and developmental delays. Her experience in pediatric physiotherapy has added to her area of expertise. She uses ABA principles with her physiotherapy practice to maximize children’s collaboration and generalisations of gains to all possible environments

Mireille uses both specialisations to help babies, toddlers and children with any sort of diagnosis including developmental, intellectual and physical challenges to achieve their maximum level of function.

Our physiotherapist also wishes to create awareness about the importance of early intervention in diagnosis such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ADHD, ADD, Global Developmental delay.