Communication Logs

A communication log is an important tool used by the therapist and the parent to document the child’s progress. The consultant therapist will ensure all supervisory duties to ensure easy and frequent communication.

Parent Participation

The main premise of Le Parapluie Bleu is parent participation. The program becomes enriched with the parent’s dedication to reach short and long term goals. Parental implication includes respecting the communication logs, reinforcing the programs and ensuring a consistent home environment.

Shadow Program

Le Parapluie Bleu has a shadow program. This is especially beneficial for parents who need shadows for their children during school or daycare hours. Shadows are mandated to follow children in need and degree of integration. The Shadows will be available to travel to the school or daycare environments for 3 hours blocks. The shadow can stay a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 8 hours to shadow a child in school and daycare environment . A supervisor will be present every other week to monitor the Shadow’s work and the child’s progress. All summaries will be revised and submitted to parents.

Tutoring Program

  • Tutoring children in primary and middle-school(English, French, Math, Science)
  • Tutoring special needs children integrated in mainstream classes
  • Tutoring for entry into private high schools
  • Afterschool homework program

Integration Therapy

Specialized ABA therapist that help integrate the child in a daycare or school environment

Physio Therapy

* Tous les programmes seront écris par des thérapeutes certifiés et expérimentés.